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An app for Astronomy and Astrophotography enthusiasts that use a German Equatorial Mount for your telescope. PolarisView is a useful utility to assist you while you align your GEM or equatorial mount for your telescope for your astronomy viewing session or for your night of astrophotography. PolarisView will place Polaris on the screen display of your device exactly as you should see it in your polar finder scope. Once you adjust your GEM mount so that the view in your polar finder scope matches the screen display, you are polar aligned for viewing the night sky! The alignment will even get you close enough for short exposure astrophotography as well! For your astronomy viewing sessions, your motorized mount should keep your object in the view all night long! Note that while this application will run on devices in the Southern Hemisphere or near the Equator, you will not be able to use the application to align your mount since Polaris will be below the horizon.